“Well, well, well.”


“Look who came crawling back.” His voice was a slow drawl, biting down hard on the sarcastic edge that was commonplace on his tongue, though there was a slight hint of teasing in his tone. “It’s been so long, hasn’t it, Vio? Why, I can barely remember what happened― oh, right, I do remember.”

His red eyes bore holes into Vio’s forehead, though his smiles perked up in a bitter smile.

"Shadow Link?" A gulp. Vio wasn’t sure of how this even happened. Keep calm and collected. Keep calm and collected. "You’re not still…mad at me, are you?"

He looked up. They used to be the same height, but now Shadow was slightly taller. Did he grow up over the years that passed? Wait, do shadows even grow? Wasn’t Shadow dead? So many questions passed through his head. But first he had to make sure he was seen as an ally, not  as a betrayer…although he had been one.